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House jinx

My husband seems to think if I talk about how bad we need out of this house that I’m jinxing it. I just need to get it out though…

We are feeling so trapped. We’ve done this before during bad times and were ok staying in the house at the time. Now we’re not! We need and WANT out. Now we found pretty much our dream house, for a great price, but can’t do anything about it because we’re stuck!

Just please hope and pray for us that it all works out for a reason and we can get out of this one and into another. It doesn’t have to be into that dream house, but get us into something else. Our goal is by the holidays, but I highly am doubting it now…

So pissed!!

Seriously frustrated beyond belief!! Thought we lucked out finally and had an offer on our house last night. By the time I signed the agreement this morning and scanned it back they had pulled the damn thing!! Seriously, if you’re going to put an offer on a house, that’s a pretty big deal, know what you’re getting yourself into please and don’t waste our time. I want nothing more than to sell this sucker and move into a new one, especially antsy since we’re due in about 5 weeks to have another kiddo and we simply cannot fit into ours anymore…

I’m so done with this all!!!

It is seriously a constant dance party in there… So hard to focus at work nowadays!!

Second monitor

Is it sad that I am genuinely excited and feel like work just gave me my birthday present with the delivery of my second monitor that I’ve been waiting for for 6 months??? Seriously, dual monitors are my dream here!!!

Happy 30th to me!!

Seriously, this kid is a diva and I don’t know where she got it from. I am the last person you will see in a dress or skirt, yet she insists on it, almost daily!!

Today it was a dress up dress and although I pushed back a little, I finally gave in and let her wear it to school on top of a regular dress.

Once it was on, she told me she wanted to show Atlee and Reagan, her friends from my sister in laws lake house. It was so sweet. So I took a pic and forwarded it to their mommys to share!!

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